Biography [En]

I was born in Xanthi, a city with thousand colors. Mistress and lady of Thrace, holding as a baseline, reference point and permanent stimulus in my heart, the nuances of the Thracian land. This blessed place, full of colors, fragrances, temperament and character, is a focal meeting point of cultures and traditions. Thrace is my base not because i was born here but because i feel that I belong here. 

I follow the color and the light in every corner. I fell in love with the colors and these reciprocate it to me every time i get the brush in my hand. As a self-taught artist i'm always looking for inspirations that i reflect in the white canvas. Color comes first from my soul and after from the tube. My love for the sea made me turn to decorated frames for mirrors with shells, wood and shingles and woodcuts . All these gifts from the sea-scented Aegean, are married harmoniously. 

Through my eyes, feelings, people,music are transformed in form and color sometimes tenderly, some other with intensity. Art brings people and places together because it speaks directly to human souls and changes people's perceptions through colors shapes and internal messages. It is certainly a great way of communication among all people without distinction of race,religion,language or culture.

I feel very lucky and honored at the same time to have a workshop located in the coastal area of ancient Abdera, Xanthi, home of Democritus.The aura and energy radiating from this area makes my activity even more magical.

- Administrative Staff in Elderly Care Unit of Xanthi "MEGAS VASILIOS"
- Member of the UNESCO Club of Greece which published my work in 2010 calendar.
- Member of the Charity Organization "Daughters of Penelope" (AHEPA)
- Responsible for Culture and Public Relations of NODE Prefecture of Xanthi.
- Coulcil candidate in the Regional councils of the party 'REGIONAL REVIVAL "of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. (2010)
- Member of the International Organization ACTION AID supporting the institution of child sponsorship from countries of the developing world.
- Official Coordinator for Greece concerning Events and Media of the International Awards "GIUSEPPE SCIACCA"founded in Rome. (2012)
(International Association "Human and Society" - Premio Internazionale "Giuseppe Sciacca"-Associazione Internazionale "Uomo e Società") based in the Vatican under the supervision of the European Union and the European Commission.
- Member of the global organization WOMEN WITHOUT BORDERS.
- Been active in the Boy Scouts , 1st System and later the 2nd Scout of the Prefecture of Xanthi.
- Been actively involved in the past within the annual Thracian Folk Festivals.
- Founding member and chief cheerleader of XANTHI
the Thracian Stage/Theatre.
- Founding member of the Carnival of Xanthi.